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Welcome to Issue #101

Hi, this issue is super late due a business trip.

Enjoy lots of blog posts, videos and podcasts below!

This week in Elixir

All Systems Go: Creating Your own Startup Checks with Nerves
In this post, Chris shares how to pause the initialization of your Elixir/Nerves app to do anything you need.

Running Elixir Tests in Visual Studio Code/ElixirLS
Dave shares his configuration for running Elixir project tests with a keystroke.

PagerDuty Blog Post on Elixir Adoption
Cees shares how he brought Elixir to PagerDuty - and how it compares to other languages, including Ruby/Rails, Scala, and Erlang.

Shake Before Use: 3 Things to Consider When Hosting Elixir
Some of Elixir’s most powerful capabilities are misunderstood or not accounted for at all. Choose the right host more quickly by understanding the unique strengths of Elixir and how they should impact hosting decisions.

Be Careful Using With in Tests
PSA: Be careful when using Elixir’s “with” special form in your tests. Read the full article to find out why.

Even more from around the Elixir community

Elixir Outlaws Episode 9 is out - Happiness Lamp Podcast

ElixirTalk - Dialyzer and its new Pretty Printer Podcast

Elixir and Property-based Testing with Vitaly Tatarintsev Podcast

Extending a CMS with Markdown and Regex Video

Exploring Phoenix Assigns Video

Sophie DeBenedetto: Phoenix Presence: The Right Way To Track User Involvement in Real-Time Features Video

Jeff Smith: Neuroevolution in Elixir Video

Mat Trudel: `mix new beats` -- Recreating The "Amen Break" with Elixir Video

Austin Elixir: Contexts Inside and Outside of Phoenix Video

James Lavin: Lessons Learned Building a Medication Service at Teladoc and How Ecto Saved the Day Video

Elixir API and Elm SPA - Part 1 Blog post

Interpreter Optimization Blog post

Bring Your Variables Back from the Dead! Blog post

Payload Case Conversion in Phoenix Framework’s WebSockets Blog post

Elixir Supervision Strategies Blog post

Deconstructing Elixir's GenServers Blog post

Generating Test Fixtures with Wireshark Blog post

Executing raw SQL Queries in Elixir Blog post

Semaphore Doubled Free CI/CD Capacity for Open Source Blog post

Building Level #2: The Tech Stack Blog post

Elixir and Phoenix Basic Passwordless and Databaseless Authentication (pt.1) Blog post

Dialyxir v1.0.0-rc0 Project update

Fazibear/defql - Create Elixir Functions with SQL as a Body Project update

Redis Super: Full Featured Redis Adapter for Elixir Based on Redix Project update

harnais_runner v0.1.0 Project update

That's it for this round, have a great day!
@rrrene from ElixirWeekly

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