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Welcome to Issue #102

Since I am currently on a kind of, sort of vacation-like travel thing, I will just include the stories posted on ElixirStatus.com below.

We'll be back to our regular scheduling next week!

This week in Elixir

7 Tips for Building Kiosk Devices with Nerves and Buildroot
Just a few things Michał has learned working with Elixir Nerves.

Typed Elixir Structs Without Boilerplate Code
Jean-Philippe has written a library to help you define structs with a type, default values and enforced keys, all thanks to an Ecto-like API.

Elixir API and Elm SPA - Part 2: Adding Guardian Authentication
This is part 2 of Miguel's series on building a CRUD app with Elixir as the JSON REST API and Elm as the SPA.

ZTD: Real-time Todo App over RabbitMQ
This is an Todo app example in Elixir/Phoenix that can synchronize with other running instances in real-time over RabbitMQ.

The anatomy of code documentation
While this was not written for Elixir, the underlying principles apply just as much.

That's it for this round, have a great day!
@rrrene from ElixirWeekly

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