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This week in Elixir

Build your own GenServer in 49 lines of code
Dorian is exploring GenServers state consistency and order of functions execution for async requests.

My OTP 21 Highlights
In this post Michal looks into the new features of OTP 21 and explores those that will be especially important for Elixir users.

Using vmstats in Elixir
A post showing how to use ferd/vmstats in your Elixir projects with the Statix statsd client.

Meet Blip: A StatsD server in Elixir
Josh shares his work on a StatsD Server in Elixir.

Even more from around the Elixir community

The Rabbit Hole 68: Why not use Elixir? Podcast

Using remote_console to Access IEx in Production Video

Detect Security Issues with Sobelow Video

Code Elixir LDN 2018 Conference

How to Solve Elixir’s Module Is Not Available Blog post

Streaming Large Datasets in Elixir Blog post

Making a Real World Phoenix Blog Blog post

Delicate Sensibilities: Techniques to Block Offensive Usernames Blog post

Limiting Peers with DynamicSupervisor Options Blog post

Yet Another Website Rebuild - Never Ending Learning Blog post

Elixir API and Elm SPA - Part 3: Elm App Creation and Routing Setup Blog post

Elixir API and Elm SPA - Part 4: Adding Login and Register Pages Blog post

Hammer.Plug 1.0 - Easy rate-limiting for Phoenix/Plug apps Project update

Elixium Blockchain - A Blockchain written in Elixir Project update

New library for HTTP requests testing Project update

AlloyCI v0.7.0 has been released! Project update

plymio_codi v0.3.0 Project update

harnais_list v0.1.0 Project update

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