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This week in Elixir

Elixir OTP Supervision "Tether"
While working on a side project, Eric got to try out a new supervision tree method for trapping processes that may never recover due to outside forces.

Maps vs Pattern Matching in Elixir
For some purposes, it is possible to use pattern matching instead of using a map to perform lookups. This is an interesting exploration of this, with some benchmarking, mystery and an unexpected plot twist!

A Dive into Database Multi-tenancy in Elixir with Ecto
A post with some tips and experiences about the migration of an application with a regular database to a multi-tenancy one in Elixir with Ecto.

Gentle Introduction to GraphQL with Elixir and Phoenix
Brandon wrote this introductory article about storing and retrieving Event Logs. You can use this for … well, anything that would require storing some arbitrary events with types, messages, and payloads.

Elixir Supervision Strategies
Hubert created this overview of supervision strategies available in Elixir.

Even more from around the Elixir community

Caching DB Requests with ETS Video

Recurring Work with GenServer Video

Trailer - Elixir: A Mini-Documentary Video

Elixir Learning: Setting up Brotli on Nginx or Phoenix Video

Code Sync - Code Elixir 2018 Conference

TIL: mix test --stale Blog post

Composing Ecto Queries Blog post

A Gentle Introduction to GraphQL with Elixir and Phoenix Blog post

A Dive into Database Multi-tenancy in Elixir with Ecto Blog post

Using Vmstats and Statix in Elixir Blog post

How to Use IEx.pry in Elixir Tests Blog post

Bitcoin key derivation in Elixir Blog post

On Graphvix - Part 8 Blog post

Why You Too Should Learn Elixir Blog post

How to use Private Hex Dependencies in Your Docker Images While Building Your Releases Blog post

New Tutorial: Practical Guide to Test Doubles in Elixir Blog post

Bitcoin key Derivation in Elixir Blog post

7 Ways of Doing Fizz Buzz in Elixir and Other Clickbaity Stuff Blog post

Elixir Releases: Solving Build-time vs Run-time env Problem with Akd Blog post

Plexy Project update

Rate Limiting Library Project update

harnais_map v0.1.0 Project update

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