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This week in Elixir

What's new in Flow v0.14
A new version of Flow has been released providing finer control on data emission and tighter integration with GenStage.

How to Build a Back-Pressure Queuing System with `sbroker`
Maximilian wrote a blog post, which explains how you can apply a back-pressure mechanism to your Elixir application with the sbroker library.

PSPDFKit is Looking for a Backend Elixir Engineer ☝️
They’re looking to hire a backend Elixir developer to join their team working on PSPDFKit for Web.

Elixir Tip: :noreply is a Killer Feature
If you’ve ever looked at the GenServer documentation, you might have noticed something strange. Derek explains the magic of :noreply returns in GenServer calls.

When Web Requests Fail in Elixir and Phoenix
Hubert published a post about failing web requests Elixir and Phoenix.

Jenkins, Elixir, and ECS: CICD and Living on the Operational Edge
Richard shows how the folks at tripping.com use a CI/CD setup for Elixir integration and deployments involving Docker on AWS ECS via Jenkins.

Even more from around the Elixir community

ElixirOutlaws #13 - Coming in Hot Podcast

ElixirTalk #121 - Editors & Workflow, Module Design, Imports & Aliases, and Function Typing Podcast

Very Customized Form Helpers Video

Scheduling Recurring Jobs with a GenServer Video

Formatting Numbers Video

Building a Better Receive Loop Blog post

How We're Combining Elixir and GraphQL Blog post

Phoenix + ReasonReact — Full-Stack Functional Programming Blog post

All For Reliability: Reflections on the Erlang Thesis Blog post

ExVenture Updates for July 2018 Blog post

Connect the Dots Blog post

Using `Enum.reduce/3` to Improve Nucleotide Count Performance Blog post

When web Requests Fail in Elixir and Phoenix Blog post

AES GCM Timed Encryption with Elixir Blog post

Parsing Numbers in Elixir Blog post

Playing Together with Elixir Binaries-Strings :) Blog post

pre-push git hook: interactive format && credo Project update

CSQuery: CloudSearch Structured Query Builder (1.0) Project update

ESpec 1.6 is compatible with OTP 21 Project update

ExCampaignMonitor - a Wrapper for Campaign Monitor's API Project update

ExAws.CloudSearch: CloudSearch Service Module for ExAws (0.1) Project update

Envío - fancy wrapper for Elixir Registry Project update

mixpanel_api_ex has been updated to 1.0.1 Project update

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