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This week in Elixir

Elixir Umbrella Projects: Building Blocks for Code that Scales
Pedro discusses how Elixir helps make some of the most complex systems work more effectively through scalable umbrella projects.

Elixir v1.7 released
There was big news last Thursday that didn't make it in the last issue of ElixirWeekly: Elixir v1.7 has been released!

Credo v0.10 released
There's been a new release for Credo as well, including several bugfixes to consistency checks as well as new checks.

Phoenix Instrumentation with Prometheus
Raphael shows us how to collect metrics, line Ecto's average query time and controller response times, in Phoenix with Prometheus.

Persisting Event Data to Postgres Using GenStage and EventBus
Mustafa wrote about one of the ways to consume EventBus events: Implementing GenStage consumers.

Even more from around the Elixir community

ElixirOutlaws #14 - Little's Law All The Way Down Podcast

Elixir Mix - Claudio Ortolina Podcast

Call for Lightning Talks - Code Elixir LDN 2018 Conference

Code BEAM Lite Amsterdam 2018 Conference

Using :erlang.trace/3 to Listen to Garbage Collection Events Blog post

Riak Core Tutorial Part 4: First Commands Blog post

Connecting Elm to Phoenix 1.4 with Webpack Blog post

Making an Asynchronous Function Synchronous with GenServer.reply Blog post

2 Biggest ExUnit Improvements in Elixir 1.7 Blog post

How to Implement Sliding Timeouts in Your Elixir GenServers Blog post

Serving Assets Using a CDN for Elixir/Phoenix Apps: A Step-by-step Guide Blog post

Story of my Life: Elixir Blog post

My Experience as a Beginner in Elixir. And why you Should try It Too… Blog post

How to Install Elixir in Manjaro Linux Blog post

First Steps with Rasmus - a View into the Backend Blog post

random_words Project update

Lesson 2: Word Count is updated for Elixir 1.7 Project update

auto_doc - test proven REST API docs Project update

Jaxon 1.0 released! with JSON path streaming, benchmarks and more Project update

Elixir port of Python's langdetect Project update

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