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Running Nerves on Amazon EC2
This article by Jake shows how to deploy the Nerves embedded Elixir system on Amazon EC2.

What Companies and Start-ups Depend on Elixir in Production?
Elixir has been much more widely adopted over the past couple of years and this is only a few of the many companies that now use Elixir in production right now.

More Than 1:1 With Elixir's GenStage
Samuel didn’t understand how to make GenStage’s “stages” interact with one another beyond a 1:1 ratio of events.

Railsy Model Helpers for Ecto
Ecto.Rut introduces Active-Record like model helpers into Ecto schemas.

Simplify Your Phoenix Controllers with action_fallback
In this episode we’ll look at one way to simplify an existing Phoenix controller using Phoenix.Controller.action_fallback/1

How to do Outside-In TDD with Phoenix
This post explains the full TDD cycle developing a new feature with Phoenix.

Generating Excel Friendly CSV Exports with Elixir
Microsoft Excel and CSV don’t always play nicely together, especially when there’s non-ASCII characters involved. Niall wrote this overview of how to generate CSV files that work well with Excel:

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