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This week in Elixir

Monitoring Your Elixir App with Prometheus
The fine folks at SmartLogic use Prometheus to monitor their Elixir applications. This post goes over how you can set up instrumentation of your application and the basics of viewing those metrics in Grafana.

Sneak Peak at Ecto 3.0
José gives us a Sneak Peak at Ecto 3.0 and the (breaking?) changes it brings.

ActiveRecord vs. Ecto Part One
Data is a core part of most software applications. Mapping and querying data from a database is a recurring task in the life of a developer. Because of this, it is important to understand the process and be able to use abstractions that simplify the task.

A starter pack for Scenic, the UI framework for Elixir, development with simple livereload built-in - very interesting!

Kry10 Homepage Improved
Okay, maybe we're all geeking out a bit too much about Scenic. Still: Kry10, in a way the company behind it, finally got a better website. Now it's a good place to start (and watch Boyd's talks on Scenic).

GenBrowser, Send Messages to Your Clients like any Other Process
An interesting experiment by Peter: Client server is just another distributed system, lets have a process model that covers them all.

The Elixir Version Module
There are a few modules in the Elixir stdlib that everyone is familiar with. This article by Todd sheds light on the Version module.

Even more from around the Elixir community

When should you not use Erlang/ Elixir Video

Elixir: Generating a new Application with Mix - [003] Video

Using Nix in Elixir Projects Blog post

Verifying Request- Signatures in Phoenix Blog post

How to use LISTEN and NOTIFY PostgreSQL Commands in Elixir? Blog post

Writing Safe NIFs in Rust with the Rustler Package Blog post

Interesting bug when Using Anonymous Functions with Task.Supervisor Blog post

Introducing New Relic'™s Open Source Elixir Agent Blog post

Switching an Existing Phoenix app from Brunch to Webpack Blog post

Using RDF.ex to Work with RDF Data in Elixir Blog post

Memento - A Better Mnesia Adapter Project update

Intercept Your Elixir Functions with Interceptor Project update

EQRCode v0.1.5 released: Generating QR Code on PNG Project update

Cloak v0.9.0 is released Project update

That's it for this round, have a great day!
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