Issue #12: BEAM vs Redis, GenStage Patterns and the Elixir Users' Survey 2016

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Elixir Users' Survey 2016
Josh launched the Elixir Users' Survey 2016 this week. He does these every year and while aren't in any way an official thing, I'd like to encourage you to participate (the results are published).

Elixir ETS/DETS/Mnesia/BEAM vs Redis
Redis is becoming an assumed part of many web stacks, in the same breath as your database. But with Elixir, do you need it? Do you even need a database?

GenStage Patterns
Adam shows us some ways he found useful when working with GenStage. Great read!

Pairs.One has been open-sourced
This multiplayer online memory game written in Elixir/Elm has been open-sourced during a lightning talk at EuRuKo!

Ecto.Rut - Ecto Shortcuts to make your life easier!
Ecto.Rut gives you simple wrapper methods that let you directly call CRUD methods from your Module, like `Post.all`.

ElixirConf 2016 videos
Confreaks by now has released a lot of the ElixirConf 2016 videos!

Elixir.LDN 2016 videos
Last, but not least: Video recordings of Elixir.LDN, the London conference, went up on YouTube as well.

Community Corner Help wanted

ex_riak_cs: Implement Bucket-level operations

code-corps-api: Test a switch from canary to authy

Dayron: Create a Tesla Adapter

In this section, I want to highlight projects that are looking for contributors. To add your project to this section, just press reply!
That's it for this round, have a great day!
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