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Spawnfest 2018 is Less than a Month Away! Get Your Team Ready!
Spawnfest is an annual 48-hour free online development competition for the BEAM community around the world where you have exactly one weekend to create the best applications you can.

The Dangers of GenServers
Overusing GenServers is a common mistake when getting started with Elixir. This blog post goes over the pitfalls of using GenServers and potential strategies to avoid them

A Simple, Drop-in Plug for Shallow ETags
Ever wondered why there was no ETag plug? Well, now there is! Start using it now and reduce the bandwidth of your Phoenix application!

Kubernetes-native Phoenix Apps: Introduction and Part 1
This is a new series about running Elixir Phoenix apps on Kubernetes, describing an opinionated and focused approach.

ActiveRecord Smell With Elixir/Ecto
A quick how-to on bringing some ActiveRecord goodness into Elixir/Ecto.

Don't Repeat Your Domain Knowledge
Chen often feels that we are not using modules/functions to extract domain knowledge.

Updating Hex.pm to Ecto 3.0
Ecto 3.0 is just around the corner and as you may already know, it has reached a stable API. To make sure everything works properly, Wojtek thought: "Lets try updating one of the first projects that ever used Ecto: Hex.pm".

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