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This week in Elixir

Unit Testing Functions that Interact with Other Processes
Part 2 of this new series on testing by Devon!

Phoenix 1.4.0 released
Phoenix 1.4 is out! This release ships with exciting new features, most notably HTTP2 support, improved development experience with faster compile times, new error pages, and local SSL certificate generation.

Phoenix 1.3.x to 1.4.0 Upgrade Guides
Naturally, there is also a great guide to upgrade your applications using Phoenix 1.3.x.

Backend Engineer - Elixir at Wooga
Wooga is looking for an Elixir Backend Engineer!

Mafia Game Using Elixir + Elm
This is a blog post about a web application for playing the Mafia game (a.k.a. the Werewolf game) offline.

The Actor Model for Web Clients Using GenBrowser
GenBrowser enables web clients to send and receive messages like an Elixir process.

Even more from around the Elixir community

Credo v1.0.0-rc1 released Misc

A Small Project Aiming at Listing Every Elixir Video out There Misc

ElixirMix - Higher Level Functions with Bill Peregoy Podcast

Why Erlang and Elixir Do so Well with Multicore Chips Video

Why are String in Erlang and Elixir so Strange? Video

Phoenix 1.4 Chat Server: Part 2 Video

Using Phoenix.PubSub to Manage Side Effects Blog post

Property-based Testing Driven Development in Kata Blog post

How DeltaCrdt can Help you Write Distributed Elixir Applications Blog post

Elixir Open Source @ Frame.io Blog post

Going Bare Metal with Elixir and GRiSP Blog post

Jupyter Notebooks with Elixir and RDF Blog post

Exvalibur: Smart Validation In Elixir Blog post

CyberSource Payment System — The Implementation Guide Using Elixir Blog post

Why you Should not Miss CodeBEAM Lite Amsterdam Blog post

POA Network, Compound, and ConsenSys Announce Collaboration on Ethereum Client Written in Elixir Blog post

As of now Hex Docs are Hosted on HexDocs Project update

Gitlab Pipelines Monitor Created with Elixir/Phoenix Project update

Smooth Token Emission for Elixium Project update

Virta: Flow Based Programming for Elixir Project update

Anise Helpers/Assertions for Absinthe Testing Project update

erlang-rocksdb v0.24.0 released Project update

That's it for this round, have a great day!
@rrrene from ElixirWeekly

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