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This week in Elixir

A Proposal for Some New Rules for Phoenix Contexts
The way contexts are described in the official docs didn’t really cut it for Devon, so he came up with some rules of his own. Great article!

Credo v1.0.0 released!
Credo is a static code analysis tool for the Elixir language with a focus on code consistency and teaching. Last friday, it celebrated its 3rd birthday and went 1.0!

Sr. Elixir Developer
We are looking for extraordinary talent to join WGAMES. Working at WGAMES means working in a young, dynamic and rapidly changing the environment with innovative people who love what they do.

How to write code which others will understand?
Do you write your code for other developers or just for yourself?

What’s new in Elixir – Nov/18
José explains the changes coming to Elixir in January.

You Might not Need a GenServer
Jack explores how, although he has grown fond of GenServers, there are circumstances in which you might not need a GenServer.

Caching In Ecto v3.0
Scott evaluates how Ecto caches database query plans with Elixir.

Even more from around the Elixir community

The Advent of Code is Back! Join José Valim and the Elixir Team! Misc

ElixirOutlaws: Reaching Understanding Podcast

ElixirMix: Elixir, Bitcoin, and Music with Pete Corey Podcast

Upgrading to Phoenix 1.4 Video

Elixir Format has Great Defaults, no More Team Arguments Video

Elixir Bug Hunting with José Valim Video

Upgrading to Phoenix 1.4 Blog post

Sharing Base Functionality in Elixir Blog post

Writing an Evented WebSocket Client Blog post

Awakening the Lisbon |> Elixir Meetup Blog post

Exploring Plug: The Body Reader Blog post

Two Unique Ways of Piping Data in Elixir Blog post

Getting Acquainted With Elixir's Plug Library Blog post

Kubernetes Native Phoenix Apps: Part 3 Blog post

Building a Small JSON Endpoint With Plug, Cowboy and Poison Blog post

Iteraptable → Swiss Knife For Structs Blog post

A Gentle Introduction to GraphQL with Elixir and Phoenix Blog post

Quick Tips & Tools for Analysing Erlang/Elixir Crash Dumps Blog post

Permutations With and Without Repetition in Elixir Blog post

Cables: An Async Multiplexed HTTP/2 Elixir Client Project update

erlang-rocksdb v0.25.0 released Project update

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