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This week in Elixir

Map vs List Performance
An optimization Damon made to use a map instead of enumerating through lists to match elements of a big dataset took the operation time from 30+ minutes to less than a second.

How Learning Elixir Made Me a Better Programmer đŸ„ƒ
Alec's notes on learning Elixir and how it helped him with his day job, where he doesn't write Elixir.

Phoenix.LiveView: Interactive, Real-Time Apps. No Need to Write JavaScript.
Phoenix.LiveView is "close to an initial release" according to this great detailed post by Chris.

Running Elixir in Docker Containers
In this article we see how to use Docker to run Alvise's development Elixir environment and how to run multiple Elixir Nodes over a Docker bridge network. Running Elixir in Docker Containers

Breaking the Rules when Writing Unit Tests
In part 3 of his series on unit testing in Elixir, Devon shows two of the places where he breaks some of the rules that he set out earlier.

Even more from around the Elixir community

Erlang OTP 21.2 is released! Misc

ElixirMix Podcast 031 - Lessons from a Decade of Erlang with Brujo Benavides Podcast

Elixir Talk: Keyword Lists vs Maps, Boolean Operators, the Match Keyword Podcast

Property Based Testing in #elixirlang to Find System Failures Video

Practicing Recursion with a Guess the Word Game Video

Validating API Parameters Part 1 Video

Sigils To The Rescue Blog post

Generating a Sitemap for Static Content in Phoenix Blog post

Show me cool, obscure languages! - Comment on Hashnode Blog post

Using Leex and Yecc in Elixir Blog post

Day 10: The Stars Align - Advent of Code 2018 Blog post

Disco: simple, opinionated yet flexible library to build CQRS/ES driven systems Project update

Morphix 0.5.0 released, now with unordered equality! Project update

nerves_neopixel is now Blinkchain! Project update

oneksy.ex v0.11.2 released! Project update

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