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This week in Elixir

ExDocRefined: A Refined Document Viewer for Elixir
This is an interesting proposal for an alternative for ex_doc.

When a Changeset is a Plug
Interesting article by Todd about how sometimes what you think is a changeset, turns out to be a plug…

Phoenix Templates
In this article Samuel looks at why Phoenix templates are so fast and memory friendly, what EEx is and how it works as well as variables and template helper functions.

Aviacommerce: Elixir open source e-commerce framework
Aviacommerce is an open source e-commerce framework written in Elixir/Phoenix.

Lunch Talks #3: Elixir, the Good Parts
Here's another post on Codegram's Lunch talks series about Elixir!

Even more from around the Elixir community

Spawnfest Repos are Public now! Misc

ElixirMix Podcast 032 - Using Ecto with Edgar Pino Podcast

Xref in Elixir a Brief Guide Video

Property Based Testing in Elixir by Luc Tielen Video

An Easy Introduction to Using Dialyzer with Elixir Video

Elixir Foundation Videos Video

Elixir OTP Applications on Kubernetes Blog post

Best Practices for Integrating with Third-party Libraries in Elixir Blog post

Do & Don’t — Length of Range — Elixir Blog post

Today I Learned: Descriptive Elements Inspection in Elixir Blog post

How I Centralized Our Scattered Business Logic Into One Clear Pipeline Blog post

Comprehensions + Collectable Blog post

From Rails to Elixir: Know Your App Blog post

Deploying ExVenture Blog post

Getting Started with Ecto Part 3: CRUD Operations Blog post

Realtime Market-Data Updates with Elixir Blog post

Optional Notes and Exact Pitches in Chord Blog post

plug_checkup: with configurable JSON encoder Project update

Lens: traverse recursive data Project update

plug_checkup: configurable JSON encoder Project update

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