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This week in Elixir

Elixir v1.8.0-rc.0 released
The Elixir Core Team released the first release candidate for Elixir v1.8.0. For more information, checkout the CHANGELOG.

Expecting the Unexpected
Distributed transactions have some pitfalls, particularly when relying on network requests which may fail. The fine folks at Qixxit wrote up an approach to handle these in Elixir, using the example of capturing payments through a 3rd party.

ElixirOutlaws is looking for your support!
If you are enjoying the show please consider helping them offset the costs by pledging to their Patreon!

WaspVM - A WebAssembly Virtual Machine
The team at Elixium Network has been working on a WebAssembly virtual machine that runs on Elixir. Although they’ll be using it internally in the Elixium blockchain, WaspVM is built to be general-purpose.

How to manage Elixir versions on Mac or Linux
Getting started with Elixir can be a bit of a struggle… what Elixir versions do you need to use? What Erlang versions are compatible? How does one switch between them? This guide has you covered!

Even more from around the Elixir community

Spawnfest winners are published! Misc

ElixirOutlaws: Lonely Child Operator Podcast

ElixirMix Podcast 033 - Databases and Elixir with Kamil Lelonek Podcast

Understanding Behaviours in Elixir Video

Andrea Leopardi - A Brief History of Elixir - Code BEAM Lite Munich 2018 Video

Handling Concurrent Requests in a GenServer Video

An Introduction to GenServers in Erlang and Elixir Video

Phoenix 1.4 Chat Server: Part 3 Video

How to set the GenServer State On Fly  :sys module -Elixir/Erlang Blog post

Building a new MySQL Adapter for Ecto, Part III: DBConnection Integration Blog post

Validate Your Passwords Using Elixir and haveibeenpwned.com's API Blog post

Elixir Compilation Hookbook Blog post

Introduction to Jaxon - JSON Parser with Streaming Support Blog post

Sketches of Elixir Blog post

What Numbers are not Included into “fair” Comparisons Blog post

ExOperation: organizing business logic with operations in Elixir Blog post

Jwt auth and crud with Elixir 1.7.3 and Phoenix 1.4 Project update

IntelliJ Elixir 10.2.0 Project update

Wannabe Bool released Project update

Astarte v0.10.0-beta.3 released Project update

tomato: Zomato API client Project update

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