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This week in Elixir

A brief history of Erlang and Elixir
Great article by Charles.

Phoenix 1.4 & Serving Your App with HTTP/2
HTTP/2 is a massive step forward in how we serve the assets for our sites. Jeff shows you how to do it in Phoenix 1.4.

Job opening: Software Engineer - Backend at Shedul
Do you want to work for a fast-growing platform that is revolutionizing the beauty and wellness industry? We are currently looking for Software Engineer - Backend to join the team of over 50 engineers in our Warsaw office.

Using a GenServer to process concurrent tasks
Using a real problem that needed solving, Jack describes the process he took in building a simple Task runner with a GenServer.

Database Locking with Ecto
How to be sure tasks are executing once (and only once) across multiple servers.

erlang-rocksdb v1.0.0 released
RocksDB is a library that provides an embeddable, persistent key-value store for fast storage and Benoît just released a binding of rocksdb for Erlang and Elixir based applications!

Even more from around the Elixir community

TIL: Using Pattern Matching to Compare two Strings Misc

ElixirMix Podcast 036 - Gremlex and Graph Databases with Kevin Moore & Barak Karavani Podcast

EMPEX LA 2019 - Where did I put my Data - Alex Peachey Video

Work Stealing in Erlang and Elixir Video

Using CircleCI with Elixir Video

ElixirCasts: Episode #80 is Live Video

Pearls of Elixir - Interesting Patterns from Popular Elixir Packages Blog post

How to Learn Elixir for Javascript Developers Blog post

Setup Chroxy and Chrome Remote Interface Blog post

Reading a File in Elixir on Heroku Blog post

Understanding Elixir's Strange Module Names Blog post

How to Store 'Last Seen' Timestamp in Phoenix Blog post

Exop on StreamData Blog post

A Comparison of Elixir Supervision Trees and React Component Trees Blog post

Connecting Elixir Nodes with Libcluster, Locally and on Kubernetes Blog post

todo_or_die in Elixir Project update

Raxx.Kit 0.9.0 - Project Generator for Lean Web Apps Project update

Easy Concurrent Locking for Erlang/Elixir Project update

Raxx.View Released - HTML Templates for web Applications Project update

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