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This week in Elixir

ElixirConf EU Conference 8-9 April, training 10 April
ElixirConf EU is the biggest Elixir conference in Europe. Early bird ends 16 Feb!

Using Elixir Dynamic Supervisors
In this post Eric shows us how he used a DynamicSupervisor to manage processes that are connected to a Phoenix Channel and keep them alive between page reloads.

Many to Many Relationships with Ecto
Need help handling many to many relationships with Ecto in Elixir? Check out this blog post by Nuna.

Pyc → Structs on Steroids
This is an interesting annoucement by Aleksei: The Pyc package, which allows transparent validation across inserted data with Exvalibur, chaining functions in a monadic way, among other features.

Benchee 0.14.0 – Micro Benchmarks? Pah, how about Nano Benchmarks!
Benchee, a benchmarking library, just got a major update: drastically increased precision when measuring: from microseconds to nanoseconds!

Using Raxx.View in Plug applications
You can create applications with just Plug, a common example being the case of a small API service. But what happens when your simple application requires a single HTML page?

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