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This week in Elixir

Lonestar ElixirConf 2019 Highlights
Jack's recap of Lonestar ElixirConf 2019!

Achieving 100k connections per second with Elixir
In this article, we look at scaling Elixir to handle 100k connections per second.

The GRiSP 2 board just launched on Kickstarter and it's going to run Nerves!

Into the Ecto.Multi-verse
Awesome post from Crystal on Ecto.Multi!

Why go for Redis when you can use Mnesia?
Mnesia is cool. It’s quite cryptic but worth the pain.

Even more from around the Elixir community

TIL: Comparing DateTime Structs In Elixir Misc

ElixirMix Podcast 041 - What Makes Elixir Fault Tolerant and Scalable with Francesco Cesarini Podcast

ElixirOutlaws on Highfalutin Design Techniques Podcast

How OTP GenServer State Evolves over Time Video

How to Build a System that Will run for 30 Years Video

ExVenture & Grapevine Updates for February 2019 Blog post

To use or not to use the ++ Operator in Elixir Blog post

Try vs Case: The Last Battle Blog post

Pattern Matching Empty MapSets Blog post

Update Elixir in Debian Using Precompiled Package Blog post

Spawning Processes in Elixir, a Gentle Introduction to Concurrency Blog post

Event Sourcing With Elixir - Part 2 Blog post

Better Control over ExMachina Factories Blog post

Pattern Matching to Format Text Blog post

DATABASE_URL with Phoenix, Ecto 3+ and Distillery Blog post

Easy Concurrency Locking in Erlang/Elixir Blog post

Unicode Matching in Elixir Blog post

QuickFormat for running the formatter without BEAM startup Project update

BIP39 mnemonic wallets Project update

BIP39 mnemonic wallets Project update

Memento v0.3.0 released Project update

That's it for this round, have a great day!
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