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This week in Elixir

Decoding Dialyzer - Part 1
Devon decided to start a new series about better understanding Dialyzer. The first post in the series goes through understanding the no_return and call warnings.

Phoenix LiveView is ... Live!
Rich, real-time user experiences with server-rendered HTML, that is what Phoenix LiveView is all about.

Walk Through of Phoenix LiveView
With LiveView’s preview out, Elixir Schools got a walk-through on the what, why, and how of building real-time features without writing JavaScript.

Integrating Phoenix LiveView
For the SmartLogic TV stream this week, Eric worked on integrating LiveView into an existing application replacing a previously static admin dashboard.

Mix, is something that everybody that uses Elixir has definitely used. But you might have not discovered the power (and fun!) this little tool can bring to your workflow.

Event Sourcing With Elixir - Part 3
In Part 3 of this series on Event Sourcing Bruno shows us how to build our first feature!

Even more from around the Elixir community

ElixirTalk Podcast Featuring Chris & Phoenix LiveView! Podcast

ElixirMix Podcast 043 - Using GenServers and Tasks Together to Create Fault-Tolerant Apps with Jack Marchant Podcast

The Primitives of Elixir Concurrency: a Full Example Blog post

Solving the "cannot Return Null for Non-nullable Field" Error in an Absinthe GraphQL API Blog post

AMA with Aaaron Patterson Including his Opinions on Crystal and Elixir Blog post

CircleCI Elixir Setup Blog post

My First Thoughts on Elixir, and how It's Different to Erlang Blog post

AWS IoT Core, Elixir, and Nerves: A Crash Course Blog post

End-to-end Tests with Phoenix and Cypress in Real Life Blog post

Analysis of JSON Parser for Elixir Blog post

Two-Factor Authentication in Elixir and Phoenix Blog post

How to Create a Counter with Phoenix LiveView Blog post

How to View Documentation of Callbacks in IEx for Elixir Blog post

Accessing Neo4j from Elixir with Bolt and Cypher Blog post

Phoenix LiveView with a Real World Example Blog post

Iteraptor.Array Project update

Exvalibur → Module-based validators Project update

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