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This week in Elixir

Talking to the LiveView
Dorian shows us how to update Phoenix LiveViews from outside the process.

Phoenix is Not Magic
Griffin wrote this blog post on Phoenix internals.

The Philosophies of Software Languages, from Go to Elixir
This is a very stylish overview over the fourth generation of programming languages, from Go to Elixir, looking a bit magazine-like, e.g. "Vogue for Coders".

Raxx 1.0 released
Raxx is a toolkit to make web applications with Elixir simple. This week it reached the 1.0 milestone!

The Elixir AST Explained
Introducing the AST Ninja for helping you understand Elixir’s AST!

Interview: Jeremy Huffman, Dialyxir
This is my latest post for the Hashrocket blog, an interview with Jeremy Huffman, maintainer of Dialyxir.

Even more from around the Elixir community

Named Bindings in Ecto (vs Positional Bindings) Misc

Find Duplicate Routes in Elixir Phoenix Misc

Updating the ExUnit Test Context with Setup Misc

How to Actually Load the Resource with Guardian Misc

Jeffrey Matthias from Community - Elixir in Production Podcast

ElixirMix Podcast 047 - Property Based Testing with PropEr and Fred Hebert Podcast

How to Store Username or Email with Case Insensitive Search Using Ecto Blog post

Composing Ecto Queries: Filters and Preloads Blog post

Phoenix CSRF Protection in HTML Forms, React Forms, and APIs Blog post

Step-by-Step Tutorial to Build a Phoenix App that Supports User Uploads Blog post

Refactoring Patterns in Elixir: Replace Conditional with Pattern Matching Blog post

ElixirSchool: Connecting Elixir to Kafka with Kaffe Blog post

Using Elixir to Share Data Across Graph Databases Blog post

GPU-boosted toy Mandelbrot Viewer Implemented with Scenic Project update

Versioning v0.3.0 released Project update

Morphix v0.7.0 released Project update

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