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This week in Elixir

The Problem with Umbrella Apps
Jack's makes the point that umbrella projects/apps are hard to maintain and shouldn’t be used unless you’re deploying the child apps individually.

Phoenix LiveView Round-Up: The Story So Far
Darin wrote a blog post showing off some of the fantastic work that folks are doing with Phoenix LiveView.

Phoenix LiveView Collection
Another amazing collection of demos and experiments that people are building with Phoenix LiveView by Leandro.

What's new in Horde 0.5.0?
Horde 0.5.0 just got released and it’s a big one! Derek wrote about some of the highlights in this post.

Telemetry for Elixir Applications
Learn how to produce and report on telemetry metrics for your Elixir application in this post by Ben.

Ecto  -  Cast-ing Sugar
Adam wrote a blog post introducing his library EctoMorph!

Even more from around the Elixir community

ElixirMix Podcast 050 - Elixir Origin Story with José Valim Podcast

Evadne Wu - Leveraging ETS Effectively - ElixirConf EU 2019 Video

Wolfgang Loder - Functional Concepts in Elixir - ElixirConf EU 2019 Video

Ju Liu Live Coding an Escher Painting Using Scenic - ElixirConf EU 2019 Video

Tracking Changes with Context Blog post

My Take on Property-Based Testing for Erlang & Elixir Blog post

Gun. The Powerful Erlang HTTP Client Blog post

How to Write Bits as Read Such as 0001 1101 on Elixir Blog post

Elixir Brasil 2019 and Other Elixir News Blog post

Dealing with Long-Running HTTP Requests and Timeouts in Phoenix Blog post

Making the Elixir Parser Atom-safe Blog post

Raxx Ecosystem 1.0 Roadmaps Project update

GDScript and Godot Client for Real-time Phoenix Framework Channels Project update

Interceptor now Lets you Access Intercepted Function Arguments Project update

That's it for this round, have a great day!
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