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This week in Elixir

5 Aha Tricks to Make Elixir‘s Interactive Shell more Pleasant
For the freshman of Elixir, there are some small tricks to make your programming way more pleasant and unhindered.

The new `Registry.select/2` and what match specs are
Johanna wrote about a new Registry function in #Elixir 1.9 and her experience contributing.

Filtering Ecto Queries with Pattern Matching and Recursion
Hendra wrote a short blog post on using pattern matching and recursive function calls to apply filters to Ecto queries.

Deploying with Distillery and Docker
The fine folks at SmartLogic use Distillery to generate Erlang releases for our Elixir applications. In this post Eric explains how they generate the releases that get shipped to production.

Password Input in Elixir
Tiziano wrote a short blog post on how to get a password into a Mix Task without echoing what the user it typing.

Even more from around the Elixir community

ElixirMix Podcast 051 - Nerves and Farmbot with Connor Rigby Podcast

ASDF, the Package Manager for all Your Languages Video

Arjan Scherpenisse - The Elixir Parser Under the Microscope Video

Paul Wilson - A Production Grade Nerves System Video

Chris Keathley - Building Resilient Systems with Stacking Video

How to Create a `ecto.setup` Pipeline with Ecto 3.1.2 Blog post

Concurrent Ant Farm with Elixir and Phoenix LiveView Blog post

Erlang/OTP 22 is out Blog post

An Elixir Utility for Loading package.json into Neo4j Blog post

Using Python Trained Machine Learning Models from Phoenix (Elixir) Applications Blog post

Useful Elixir Patterns from Real-world Side Project Blog post

Bamboo Campaign Monitor Adapter Project update

Oban — Reliable and Observable Job Processing Project update

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