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This week in Elixir

Introducing MerkleMap, the new Library Powering Horde's Improved Performance
The newest version of Horde, v0.5.0, includes some large performance improvements. This blog post explores the new library that’s behind these performance improvements, MerkleMap.

Using Rust to Scale Elixir for 11 Million Concurrent Users
Matt from Discord wrote what is probably the "interesting post of the week".

How to use Mint, an Awesome HTTP Library for Elixir - Part 01
The folks from Scout App build an "Awesome Toolbox" using Mint.

Tracking Changes with Context Using Phoenix and Ecto
Luiz shows you how to track data changes in your application using Phoenix and Ecto.

Minimum Viable Phoenix
Follow Pete along commit by commit as we build a minimum viable Phoenix application from the ground up.

Preload, or not preload, that is the question
Sergey writes about Preload, a powerful tool inside Ecto that allows you to avoid N+1 queries from negatively affecting our performance.

Even more from around the Elixir community

Registration for #spawnfest 2019 is OPEN! Misc

TIL: `mix phx.digest` Creates the Manifest Misc

TIL: Skip Pending Tests in ExUnit Misc

TIL: Flunk Your ExUnit Tests Misc

TIL: Update Map Syntax Misc

ElixirMix Podcast 052 - Production Pitfall Pontification Podcast

Deploying Elixir - Demo Video

Daniel Caixinha - A Whirlwind Tour of Testing in Elixir - ElixirConf EU 2019 Video

Péter Gömöri - Gradualizer: Challenges Implementing a Type Checker - ElixirConf EU 2019 Video

Configuring Distillery Blog post

Phoenix vs Rails Benchmark (2019) Blog post

Tracking Users in a Chat App with LiveView, PubSub Presence Blog post

How to use SASS/SCSS with Webpack in Phoenix 1.4 Blog post

Connecting Two Databases Using Ecto Blog post

IntelliJ Elixir 10.5.1 Project update

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