Issue #16: How IO Lists help Phoenix be fast, Testing Elixir Apps with ExUnit and Why Ross is Betting on Elixir

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This week in Elixir

Why I'm betting on Elixir
Ross is looking ahead to web development for the next decade and describes why he's betting on Elixir. Checkout the last section for two more blog posts on the same topic.

Introduction to Testing Elixir Apps with ExUnit
Cody from SemaphoreCI wrote a tutorial on how to introduce test-driven development in Elixir with ExUnit.

Anatomy of an Elixir Process
Let's looks at Elixir's concurrency model and find out how the actor pattern’s actor is an “Elixir Process” in the Elixir programming language.

Visualisation of Elixir Supervision Tree Strategies
Elixir has built in four strategies for supervision trees to enable fault tolerant systems. Enjoy the visualisations …

How IO Lists help Elixir and Phoenix be fast
IO Lists are often just nested lists of strings. But these simple-seeming structures are one of the secrets of efficient IO in Elixir and simple, fast template rendering in Phoenix.

Mocks in Elixir
In this post, Lasse describes how he found "the one way"(tm) to do mocks and describes why it's the one he prefers.

Even more from around the Elixir community

changelog.com (an Elixir app) is now open source! Misc

Proposing Registry – Google Groups (by José Valim) Misc

Lonestar ElixirConf 2017 in Austin, February 10-11! Conference

Elixir & Phoenix – fast, concurrent and explicit Talk slides

Building your first Phoenix JSON API with Josh Smith Video

Principles of Genserver with Kevin Sullivan Video

Why I’m betting on Elixir (2015) - by @kenmazaika Blog post

Why we bet on Elixir and Phoenix - by @9elements Blog post

Unexpected message - A dive into GenServer Blog post

Erlang (and Elixir) distribution without epmd Blog post

Phoenix Todos - Updating and Deleting Blog post

Gatling uses Distillery for Elixir Releases Blog post

Elixir Cucumber Browser Automation Testing Blog post

Mock Modules and Where to Find Them Blog post

Phoenix in Production with systemd Blog post

Multiplayer Music Loops in Elixir and Elm Blog post

DevOps KPIs with Elixir and Geckoboard Blog post

Scoped Finds with Ecto in Phoenix Blog post

What Seasoned Devs Should Know About Learning Elixir Blog post

Hosting a Phoenix app from within a domain's subdirectory Blog post

ex_postmark - sending Postmark emails from templates Project update

Cloud Foundry buildpack for Elixir supports anynines Project update

Sneeze: render Elixir data-structures to HTML Project update

Credo v0.4.13 released - Elixir Code Analysis Project update

Ace 0.7.0 - A TCP server for Elixir Project update

Image Extraction for Cameras Project update

Simple Fun Slack Bot in Elixir Project update

Google Play API in Elixir Project update

Swoosh 0.5.0 released Project update

peselx 0.1.0 released Project update

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