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This week in Elixir

How to use Mint, an Awesome HTTP Library for Elixir - Part 02
This is Part 2 in the "How to use Mint" series, where the fine folks at Scout use Mint, Elixir's shiny new HTTP package, to create an Awesome Toolbox using the Github API.

Announcing MiniRepo, a Minimal Hex Server
In 2017 Hex.pm got support for Private packages and organizations, a way for teams to publish and manage packages without making them public. While this works great for many organizations, some have stricter compliance requirements and need to host packages on their own infrastructure.

Simplebet Inc | Senior Elixir Engineer
Simplebet are looking for an Elixir developer with experience building real-time software who wants to take their career to the next level.

Going off the Rails into Elixir - Technical.ly Baltimore
Dan from Smartlogic explains why so many Ruby on Rails devs are moving to Elixir.

The Many Uses of Elixir's Task Module
The Elixir Task module has many uses. In this article, Mika explores how to use the Task module and the ways it can both speed up application and help you create simpler code and architecture.

The Misunderstanding of “let It Crash”
In this blog post, Hubert tries to clarify what is - and what is not - Erlang’s “let it crash” philosophy.

Even more from around the Elixir community

TIL: Accumulating Attributes In Elixir Misc

TIL: Telemetry Attach and Execute Misc

New way to Start with Elixir: ThinkingElixir.com Misc

Paul Schoenfelder on Distillery – Elixir Internals Misc

Elixir Outlaws: I no Longer Feel Things Podcast

Paul Schoenfelder on Distillery – Elixir Internals Podcast

Setup Bootstrap in Phoenix Video

Building Elixir 1.9 Releases Video

Awesome Toolbox - Part 01 Video

Fast Ordered Model in Phoenix with ecto_list Blog post

Announcing Cainophile Blog post

Property-Based Test-Driven Development in Elixir Blog post

Creating a has_one_of Association in Ecto with EctoMorph Blog post

Better Domain Modeling in Elixir with sum Types Blog post

Mastering Phoenix Framework Book Goes Open Source Project update

Adriankumpf/teslamate Project update

Suspicidy/suspicidy Project update

Sascha-wolf/knigge Project update

env_helper Project update

Rober-t/apxr Project update

Fremantle-capital/tai Project update

Rober-t/apxr_run Project update

taxjar/date_time_parser Project update

Elixir-ecto/myxql Project update

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