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Use Github CI for Elixir Projects Elixir
Github launched "GitHub Actions" which make it possible to perform CI without leaving the place where the code belongs. This blog post shows how to configure GitHub Actions for an Elixir project with external services.

The Dangers of the Single Global Process
In this article Keathley discusses some of the dangers of trying to maintain state in a single, unique process. He also presents some solutions to these problems as well as some alternatives.

Authenticate Github's Webhooks API Using Elixir's Plug
Jeremy talks about his journey authenticating Github's webhooks API with a simple Plug. I really like this idea as an alternative to the usual first-project-in-new-language ideas.

Prometheus, PostGIS and Phoenix Part 1
Learn how to set up and use Prometheus+Grafana to monitor a PostGIS backed Phoenix application in this 2 part series!

The RealReal - Elixir Adoption Story
In this video, José Valim (co-founder, Plataformatec) interviews Fredrik Björk (CTO, The RealReal) for the story of why and how The RealReal adopted Elixir.

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