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This week in Elixir

Personal Notes from ElixirConf 2019
These are Pedro's personal notes from this year's ElixirConf.

This Day 1 Morning Keynote from ElixirConf 2019 is seriously amazing.

ElixirConf 2019 Highlights
Half the SmartLogic team headed to ElixirConf last week. Here is a collection of their highlights, from favorite talks to hallway track moments.

TIL: Understanding Dialyzer’s “the pattern can never match the type.”
Lasse finally "gets" Dialyzer and wrote this insightful blog post!

Nerves @ 434 MHz
Learn how to use Nerves to control RF items around you!

Testing Your Phoenix + Postgres app with GitHub CI
GitHub recently released their own CI solution in public beta. Here's how to test your Phoenix app.

Even more from around the Elixir community

Shanti Chellaram on Pri-Queue and raft_erl Podcast

Michał Muskała on Ecto and Jason – Elixir Internals Podcast

ElixirConf 2019 - Day 2 Morning Keynote - Justin Schneck Video

ElixirConf 2019 - Day 2 Evening Keynote - Chris McCord Video

ElixirConf 2019 - Your Guide to Understand the Initial Commit of a Phoenix Project - Jorge Bejar Video

ElixirConf 2019 - Lighting Talk - Heralding Harald - Daniel Spofford Video

ElixirConf 2019 - Lighting Talk - Nerves @ 433 MHZ Video

ElixirConf 2019 - 0-60 in Under 3: How Cars.com And... - Daniel Mackey, Mike Binns Video

ElixirConf 2019 - Date, Time, and Time Zones in Elixir 1.9 - Lau Taarnskov Video

ElixirConf 2019 - Phoenix LiveView Demystified - Alex Garibay Video

ElixirConf 2019 - WebRTC from Start to Finish - Scott Hamilton Video

ElixirConf 2019 - Your Guide to Understand the Initial Commit of a Phoenix Project - Jorge Bejar Video

ElixirConf 2019 - Lighting Talk - Chris Dose Video

ElixirUp - What did I Learn on a Decade with Erlang Video

Don’t Tell me how to Test my Software Blog post

Animating a Canvas with Phoenix LiveView Blog post

Elixir Telemetry: Metrics and Reporters Blog post

Elixir Phoenix Liveview and Gluster Dashboard Blog post

High Speed Training: How Elixir Mob Coding Helped Cars.com Blog post

3 Key Ideas Behind The Erlang Thesis Blog post

CrowdHailer/pachyderm Project update

Jayjun/rambo Project update

Solution Project update

That's it for this round, have a great day!
@rrrene from ElixirWeekly

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