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This week in Elixir

Ruby vs Elixir. Which one do you Need for Your Software Project?
Interesting post for those trying to convince their boss of using Elixir.

How to Find an Elixir Job?
Interesting post for those looking for a job.

Up And Running With Faktory In Elixir
This post covers how to get an Elixir application set up with Faktory to allow users to process jobs in the background of their applications and take full advantage of the many features Faktory has on offer.

Running a Gatsby Blog Inside a Phoenix App
A simple guide on running a Gatsby blog inside a Phoenix app.

Gearbox focuses on doing one thing and doing one thing right – state transitions. No surprise callbacks, no process management overhead, just pure functional state transitions.

Prometheus, PostGIS and Phoenix Part 2
In the final part of this series, Alex wraps up the Prometheus monitoring stack, writes a stress tester with Erlang’s httpc, and makes the Grafana dashboards dance!

That's it for this round, have a great day!
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