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This week in Elixir

Which companies are using Elixir, and why?
Do you love Elixir? Check out this blog filled with amazing examples of huge companies who rely on Elixir.

Erlang Stuff that Elixir Developers Should Know
This is a nice article by Cees about Erlang features that Elixir developers would benefit from learning.

Application Layering - A Pattern for Extensible Elixir Application Design
An in-depth walkthrough of Application Layering, a design technique for building maintainable, adaptable and flexible large-scale Elixir codebases.

On the Utility of Phoenix LiveView
Brief post by Jonathan documenting why he thinks LiveView is such a big deal.

Cowboy Architecture and Execution Flow
A little in-depth blog post about cowboy and ranch OTP architecture. Andrew tried to explain how cowboy handles requests and sends the responses.

Even more from around the Elixir community

TIL: `ets` Table Gets Deleted when Owning Process Dies Misc

Elixir Mix: Home Automation Using Radio Frequencies with Jon Carstens Podcast

Elixir Talk: A Great Intro, ElixirConf Recap, Javascript v LiveView Podcast

Eric Oestrich on ExVenture – Elixir Internals Podcast

Setting up PrismJS with Phoenix Video

Creating a Rate Limiter - 2019-09-24 - Live Coding Grapevine Video

Sharing Phoenix Templates Across Controllers & Views Video

ElixirConf 2019 - Day 2 Morning Keynote - Justin Schneck Video

Creating a Rate Limiter - 2019-09-24 - Live Coding Grapevine Video

Integration Testing Elixir with Wallaby Part 2 Video

Optimization Traps and Pitfalls Blog post

Converting A Traditional Controller Driven App To Phoenix LiveView - Part 1 Blog post

Mocking and Faking External Dependencies in Elixir Tests Blog post

b-erdem/sms-im Project update

Functionhaus/archivist Project update

KronicDeth/intellij-elixir Project update

Zhongwencool/ecron Project update

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