Issue #17: Beyond 10,000 Lines of Elixir, String Manipulation Micro Optimisation and Distributed Supervisors

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Beyond 10,000 Lines
Daniel from Infinite Red wrote a blog post about lessons learned from building a large Phoenix project (> 20,000 lines).

String manipulation micro optimisation using IO lists
This blog post demonstrates a real-world example of swapping naive string manipulation for an IO list. The benchmarked gains for the affected use case were a 20 - 25% performance improvement.

Pluralsight Course: Getting Started with Elixir
This course by Nate goes over the basics of data types, functions, recursion, iex, and mix. It concludes by creating a supervisor application to send out Tweets using ExTwitter.

Ecto.Rut v1.2.0 released
Ecto.Rut provides you with simple shortcut methods to perform Ecto operations (without calling YourApp.Repo or concerning yourself with changesets everytime).

Distributed Supervisor test
This is a small experiment by Ricardo to test out a system where we have multiple nodes and a single worker process, registered globally, and running a task every two seconds.

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