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This week in Elixir

Phoenix LiveView and Elixir Coding Challenge for Developers
The results of Phoenix Phrenzy are now public!

The One Who Created Elixir
An interview with José Valim where he discusses how it all started with programming, the lessons he learned while creating Elixir, and his involvement in its future. There's both text and video!

Top 10 Companies Using Elixir
This is an article on top 10 companies using Elixir. I am unsure how they arrived at precisely these 10, but interesting nonetheless!

Understanding Elixir's Broadway
Broadway is Plataformatec’s fourth attempt at streamlining the retrieval and processing of data in Elixir. This article gives you a glimpse into that journey.

Today I Learned: Pattern Match Struct's Name
I feel like I should have known this, but I didn't.

Even more from around the Elixir community

Elixir Mix: Inky Displays With Lars Wikman and Emilio Nyaray Podcast

Integration Testing Elixir with Wallaby Video

Generating RSS Feeds with Elixir Video

Handling Both JSON and HTML Requests with Phoenix Video

Enum.map_reduce/3 Blog post

How I Changed the Default Structure of Elixir Project to Suit my Preferences More Blog post

LiveView TodoMVC - Part 1: Templates and Events Blog post

Facebook Workplace to Slack Blog post

Minimal Setup for Elixir Development in Emacs Blog post

How to Build a Machine Learning Project in Elixir Blog post

How to Get Started with Elixir Phoenix Blog post

How to add Test Coverage Report to Phoenix Project. Blog post

The Virtue of Busy Waiting Blog post

Adding Gleam to Your Elixir Project Blog post

Oban Recipes Part 6: Expected Failures Blog post

Property-Based Testing in Elixir Blog post

Why Isn't Functional Programming the Norm? Blog post

sumerman/recoverable_stream_ex Project update

That's it for this round, have a great day!
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