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This week in Elixir

This is an Elixir starter template for the Advent of Code challenges. It includes tests for each day, a mix task to run each part, and the ability to benchmark your solutions using Benchee.

The Big Elixir Talks Are Up
All 12 of the talks at The Big Elixir are now up on YouTube!

Phoenixcasts is a platform which aims to help newcomers and experienced developers alike learn web development using Elixir and Phoenix.

An Ueberauth Oauth 2 Walkthrough
This hows you how to set up 3rd party Oauth so your users can log in with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Slack, GitHub or other services using Uberauth!

How to Generate a Pid-File for an Elixir App
Neither plain mix applications nor Phoenix apps generate Pid-Files by default, but there’s a great drop-in solution in the form of a library called pid_file. This is a quick tutorial and screencast that covers setting it up.

How to Compose Queries in Ecto
Writing composable queries in Ecto including how to safely build queries that need to join through tables.

That's it for this round, have a great day!
@rrrene from ElixirWeekly

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