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Welcome to Issue #179

Woah! After a couple of slow weeks, this one is filled with new stuff, updates, podcasts and several people showing their "Advent of Code" solutions!

This week in Elixir

A simple example of utilizing the StatesLanguage library with Phoenix LiveView for a multi-step forms,

Where do I put Startup Code in Elixir?
This blog post examines the common places people put startup code in Elixir and the pros and cons associated with each.

Survey of Cowboy Webserver Performance - Part 1
In this series of articles the fine folks of Stressgrid benchmark the performance of Cowboy.

Introduction to Phoenix LiveView LiveComponents
LiveComponents is a great new feature in Phoenix LiveView. Patrick wrote this tutorial where you can learn the basics with complete examples.

Broadway, RabbitMQ, and the Rise of Elixir Part 2
Learn how to use RabbitMQ along side Broadway to create a data processing pipeline and see how Elixir has been trending over time on HackerNews!

Even more from around the Elixir community

Elixir Outlaws: It Might be Infinity Podcast

Elixir Talk: Property-Based Testing & Authorization in APIs Podcast

Elixir Mix: Discussing Deployment Podcast

Brad Traylor of Podium on Training & Hiring – Working with Elixir Podcast

Louis Pilfold - Gleam: Lean BEAM Typing Machine | Code Mesh LDN 19 Video

Elixir Agents Video

Dynamic XML Sitemaps for Phoenix Apps Video

Immutability - Computerphile Video

The Big Elixir Video

Phoenix LiveView for web Developers who Don't Know Elixir. Video

Stream.iterate and Advent of Code Day 1 Video

The Big Elixir 2019 - Beyond Liveview: Real Time Features With Liveview - Sophie DeBenedetto Video

Gig City Elixir Speaker Talks - Martin Gausby Video

Gig City Elixir 2019 Speaker Talks: Dave Thomas Video

Shopping Cart Part 2 Video

Elixir (and Phoenix) Static Code Analysis with Credo Video

Elixir (and Phoenix) - Simplify Code Using Guard Clauses Video

Code BEAM STO - Call for Talks is now Open! Conference

EMPEX - LA 2020 Conference

Elixir and Phoenix are now Officially Supported Blog post

Building an IoT Demand Response Solution with Elixir Blog post

Installing Elixir on Windows with WSL 2 Blog post

Elixir Processes: Spawn, Send, and Receive Blog post

Getting Started With Nerves Development on Windows Blog post

Testing Side Processes with Monitoring in Elixir Blog post

13 Frameworks for Building APIs in Elixir | Nordic APIs | Blog post

How Learning Elixir Made Me a Better Programmer đŸ„ƒ Blog post

Testing Side Processes with Monitoring in Elixir Blog post

RFC: Elixir Module and Struct Interoperability for Erlang Blog post

I18n Process for a Phoenix App? Blog post

miladamilli/Advent_of_Code_2019 Project update

Zotonic/zotonic Project update

skovmand/advent_of_code_2019 Project update

lasseebert/advent_of_code_2019 Project update

Gamache/advent2019 Project update

That's it for this round, have a great day!
@rrrene from ElixirWeekly

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