Issue #18: Linking your Java Application to Elixir/Erlang, Strategies for Migrating a Phoenix App on Heroku and JavaScript-style Destructuring for Elixir

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This week in Elixir

Elixir jumps a level on ThoughtWorks' Technology Radar
Although I am not sure about Technology Radars as a means to do evaluations, I do really like that Elixir (and Phoenix) pick up interest from ThoughtWorks :)

How to link your Java application to Elixir/Erlang
If you are developing an Elixir/Erlang application and you discover a use case where you need to use Java code in your app, Omar shows you how it can work.

Strategies for Migrating a Phoenix App on Heroku
Sam wrote a post for those of you who have deployed to Heroku and are sick of running `heroku run mix ecto.migrate`.

Javascript-style Destructuring for Elixir
Daniel provides a simple enhancement for Elixir’s already excellent pattern matching, to make it a little less verbose.

GenStage · Elixir School
The advanced lessons in Elixir School are coming along pretty great!

Kerosene v0.5.0 released
A new version of kerosene is out with postgrex v0.12 support.

html_sanitize_ex v1.1.0 released
I just released v1.1.0 of html_sanitize_ex, which includes a new scrubber. Use HtmlSanitizeEx.markdown_html/1 to sanitize HTML generated by a Markdown parser :)

Community Corner Help wanted

ElixirCLE/pairmotron: Add Active column to the /users index page

uberous/lista: Email on public entry

In this section, I want to highlight projects that are looking for contributors. To add your project to this section, just press reply!
Even more from around the Elixir community

TIOBE Index - Elixir climbs to #64 (Yay!) Misc

Elixir Fountain with Sean Callan Podcast

Livecoding a FizzBuzz implementation in Elixir Video

Erlang & Elixir SF - 17 Nov - San Francisco, USA Meetup

hh.ex - 29 Nov - Hamburg, Germany Meetup

NoSQL Injection in Phoenix Applications Blog post

Phoenix Todos - Authorized Sockets Blog post

A Look Through the Changelog.com Source Code Blog post

The great HTTPS client shoot-out Blog post

I Created Something With Phoenix Blog post

Custom types in Elixir (polish) Blog post

Counting Nucleotides with Elixir (a first learner's perspective) Blog post

Using Poolboy with Elixir Blog post

Using mocks and explicit contracts to test remote deps Blog post

HTTP unit tests using ExVCR Blog post

Ecto Schemas On Rails Blog post

Elixir Module Attributes - Alchemy 101: Part 1 Blog post

lens - Functional Lenses for Elixir Project update

RethinkDB.Ecto v0.6.x released Project update

Shield OAuth2 Provider / Swagger Documentation Project update

Xarango v0.4.0 released Project update

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