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This week in Elixir

Elixir v1.10.0-rc.0 released
It's "just" an RC, but "Hell yeah!".

Plataformatec Acquired by Nubank
ElixirForum post by José. Spoiler: Elixir will be fine.

Tech Perspectives Behind Nubank’s First Acquisition Deal
Statement by Filipe from Nubank on their long relationship and admiration for Plataformatec.

Release a Phoenix Application with Docker and Postgres
This blog post illustrates how to deploy a Phoenix application with a Postgres database with a single command.

Piping Phoenix Contexts
It comes a time in a Phoenix app life when a new business requirement touches (almost) all contexts.

Querying Nested Fields of a map with Ecto
How to query nested JSON/JSONB fields with Ecto queries and how to set up indexes on them.

Even more from around the Elixir community

Elixir Outlaws: A List of Controversial Topics Podcast

ElixirTalk: New Decade, Plataformatec Acquisition, Elixir 1.10-rc and More Podcast

Elixir Mix: Raik Core and Partisan with Mariano Guerra Podcast

ElixirWizards: Eric Meadows Jönsson on Hex and Working with Elixir Podcast

Software Engineering Radio: Chris McCord on Phoenix LiveView Podcast

Phoenix JS Hooks: LiveView is now Even Better! Video

Demo Day: Real-time UI Updates, Minimal JavaScript (Elixir and Phoenix) Video

DynamicSupervisor and Registry Video

Why Phoenix Channels are Great Video

Code BEAM STO 2020 - Call for Talks Extended! Conference

FOSDEM 2020 Devroom “Erlang, Elixir & Friends” Conference

Easy and Robust Rate Limiting In Elixir Blog post

A Slight Delight - Compile-time Checking Things Blog post

How to Write Elixiry Ruby - Result Object Blog post

Overlap an Image over a QR Code Using Mogrify Blog post

Webserver Benchmark: Erlang vs Go vs Java vs NodeJS Blog post

How to Repeat Something Many Times in Elixir? Blog post

ahtung/onesky.ex Project update

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