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This week in Elixir

Elixir v1.10 Released
Elixir v1.10 comes with improvements to the standard library, the compiler, as well as several additions to the mix release feature added in v1.9.

Lumen - Elixir & Erlang in the Browser
Lars' thoughts on Lumen and a guide to trying the current bleeding-edge development version yourself. Where you can write Erlang or Elixir to run in your browser.

Six Famous Companies Using Elixir - And Why They Made the Switch
Some big companies switched to Elixir because of its scalability and reliability. Articles like this are great to educate business people as well. And this is the best kind of stuff to help with adoption.

Cool Elixir Libraries
A list of ... well ... cool Elixir libraries. :)

Periodic Jobs in Elixir with Periodic
One cool thing about BEAM languages is that we can implement periodic jobs without using external tools, such as cron. In this article Saša presents his own abstraction called Periodic.

A Proposal for an Absinthe Application Structure
Devon came up with a project structure that he likes for Absinthe applications, and he took the time to write it up!

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