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This week in Elixir

Elixir and Postgres: A Rarely Mentioned Problem
This article shows you how to increase your Elixir/Postgres performance 20x with this "One Weird Trick".

What's Inside a Reduction?
Devon recently finished up the basics for a feature in Benchee that he had been pretty excited about for a while now - reduction counting!

Lonestar Elixir 2020 Recap
The folks from SmartLogic had a great time at Lonestar Elixir – check out their recap for highlights, favorite talks, and more.

Breaking Out of Ecto Schemas
A short blog post by German on how Ecto lets us write queries without schemas and specify the return structure, which is great for creating reports.

My Experience Learning Elixir
“First you find it strange. Then you can’t get enough of it.” - This was what Coletiv's newest member Nuno, thought while learning about Elixir.

Even more from around the Elixir community

Elixir Wizards: Bonus Toddcast & Lonestar Preview Podcast

Elixir Mix: Elixir Talks to Kubernetes with Bonny from Cory O’Daniel Podcast

Running in Production Podcast 18: Running Phoenix on Kubernetes with Henry Popp Podcast

Session Testing with Elixir Video

Breaking up a Phoenix LiveView Module into Components Blog post

Getting Started with Phoenix and Elixir: Setup a CRUD App in Minutes Blog post

Extract Data From a QR Code in Elixir Blog post

Using a HTTP Proxy with Hackney for HTTPoison/Tesla Blog post

VIM ElixirLS and Updates Blog post

Which new companies are using Erlang and Elixir? Blog post

Using Feature Tests to Maximize Business Value Blog post

GenServer with Supervision Tree and State Recovery After Crash Blog post

CI/CD with Phoenix, GitHub Actions, and Gigalixir Blog post

How IEx can Help you Learn Elixir Blog post

Secure Coding and Deployment Hardening Guidelines Project update

Co0lsky/deep-work-hours-phoenix Project update

Mhanberg/gigalixir-action Project update

Beor18/graphql-elixir Project update

Madeinussr/exop Project update

Mcrumm/guss Project update

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