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This week in Elixir

Elixir GenServers for Web Developers
There is some good advice in this article by Damon about uses for GenServers in web development. Like Mark Twain said: "When you catch a GenServer, kill it."

An Upcoming Authentication Solution for Phoenix
José talks about the best authentication solution for Phoenix.

For Comprehensions in Elixir
Going beyond simple mapping, this is a refresher by Hubert on comprehensions and what they can do. Nice.

Mailgun Logger - Simple Persistence For Mailgun
These folks created and open sourced a small tool to persist events from Mailgun. If you are a Mailgun user, this is interesting.

Teaching Elixir how to Guess Hand-written Digits
A blog post explaining how to call Tensorflow Serving from Elixir via gRPC.

Even more from around the Elixir community

Sophie and Meryl Takeover: Sean Callan and Steven Nunez on Elixir Education Podcast

Flutter with Absinthe TDD Part 2 Video

Simple Phoenix LIveView App: New & Form Validations Video

Simple Phoenix LiveView App: Scaffolding Users & Content Video

Single Sign In Authentication with Phoenix, Pow Assent, and Strava Video

Simple Phoenix LIveView App: PubSub & Index Video

Phoenix LiveView 0.10.0 Video

Event Sourcing With Elixir - Part 0 Blog post

A Collection of Tips for Elixir’s Interactive Shell (IEx) Blog post

My Elixir Journey in GO.Exchange Blog post

Ecto Tips: UUID Boilerplate, Docs, and Composing Changesets Blog post

Elixir Pubsub In Less Than 50 Lines Blog post

Seanmor5/alex Project update

csv_generator Project update

Help Maintaining Elixir HTTP/2 Server, Nearly at 1.0 Release Project update

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