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Issue #2 - GenStage Special

You could not escape the news about GenStage these last 7 days. It's basically Elixir's flavour of Pokemon Go. Here's what you need to know:

Announcing GenStage
In this blog post José covers the background that led him and the core team to GenStage and what they are exploring for future releases.

GenStage Example
Peter gives us a "real life" example how to use GenStage, accessing the data feed of a bike share program in New York City.

gen_stage v0.4.0 - Experimental.GenStage.Flow
If you read the announcement and examples on GenStage and still want to know more, then this is the natural, more in-depth follow-up for you.

This week in Elixir

Monitoring our Sites with Elixir
Read how AlphaSights recently rebuilt their system statusboard using Elixir and documented the ins and outs.

Awesome Elixir - Your go-to Elixir Toolbox
A curated list of awesome Elixir and Erlang packages and resources, with the goal of helping you find the software and libraries you need.

Serving Phoenix and Continuous Deployment
A GitBook showing you how to build a server for your Phoenix project, and set up a continuous deployment pipeline.

How to make your Elixir workflow better with Docker
A tutorial at SemaphoreCI describing how to work Docker and Docker Compose into your Elixir/Phoenix workflow with a custom Mix task.

Building a simple chat using Phoenix’s Presence and React
The Presence module in Phoenix is awesome. The people at Diacode show you how you can use it with React to build a chat.

You're Smart Enough for Elixir
Concurrency is hard and complicated with threads and mutexes and so Elixir must be hard and complicated, right? Elixir must be a language for serious programming programmers doing serious programming!

That's it for this round, have a great day!
@rrrene from ElixirWeekly

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