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This week in Elixir

Using WebSockets With Cookie-Based Authentication
Cookie-based authentication has been the default method for handling user authentication. But how to it for WebSockets?

A Wall too Tall - Nerves & K3s
The story of wanting too much, taking on more than you can comfortably handle. And probably also a cool idea. Elixir, Nerves, devops and potentially some humility.

Dashbit silently built an amazing option validation library.

Finch is a new, performance-focused HTTP client that is built on Mint and NimblePool.

Deploy on Ubuntu with mix Release and Github Actions
Lorenzo wrote a little blog post about how to deploy on bare metal and have a complete CI running using Github Actions and “mix release”.

Phoenix: Integration Tests at GitHub Actions
Continuing with GitHub Actions, Arnau wrote this piece on how to integration test Phoenix-powered apps.

Even more from around the Elixir community

Slaying Changelog's Compilation Beast Podcast

Solving Sudoku in Elixir with AC-3 Video

Many to Many Relationships in Ecto - Part-01 Video

Lonestar Elixir 2020: Luke Imhoff - Lumen Video

Print a List of Integers Video

The Walled Gardens Within Elixir Blog post

Elixir Trick: Start an Observer Window with Mix Blog post

How To Write A Custom Elixir Schema Validation Blog post

Manipulating INTERVALs in Ecto Fragments Blog post

Releasing Assert Identity Blog post

Remove Duplicates From List in Elixir Blog post

Reverse Engineering for Poor Blog post

Cloister Blog post

Elixir: Time for Some Configuration Blog post

Building an Offline-First React Web App Using WatermelonDB in Phoenix (elixir) Blog post

How to Build WatermelonDB Sync Backend in Elixir Blog post

marcelotto/behaviour_reflection Project update

newaperio/assert_identity Project update

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