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This week in Elixir

OTP 22 Highlights
This blog post describes some highlights of what is released in OTP 22 and in OTP 21 maintenance patches.

Elixir Ecosystem Survey - 2020
The 2020 Elixir Community Survey is here. Participate to help grow our community!

Making Nifs Portable
Connor decribes how to use :elixir_make to make NIFs portable for usage with Linux and - by extension - Nerves.

Oban 2.0 and the Introduction of Oban Web+Pro
Announcing the Oban 2.0 release and the future of sustaining Oban with Web and the new Pro package.

Using Bootstrap Native with Phoenix LiveView
Dashbit just published general guidelines and tips on how to use Bootstrap (Native) with LiveView.

[Podcast] Thinking Elixir
There's a new Elixir podcast out! They're just starting the podcast, and this first one is short and simple.

Even more from around the Elixir community

Elixir Mix: Sharing Protobuf Schemas with Andrea Leopardi Podcast

Elixir Outlaws: A Tale As Old As Time Podcast

ElixirWizards: Pattern Matching - Johanna Larsson Podcast

ElixirWizards: Ben Marx on the Launch and Architecture of SubSpace Podcast

Simple Phoenix LiveView App: Fonts, Logos and Sass Video

Elixir Update - José Valim | Code BEAM V 2020 Video

Elixir Berlin June Meetup Video

Simple Phoenix LiveView App: Upgrade LiveView to v0.8.1 Video

Sorting by Multiple Criterias in Elixir Blog post

Learn Elixir and Phoenix by Building a Read-it-later Service: Project Setup Blog post

The Repository Pattern, Ecto, and Database-less Testing Blog post

Retrieving Results from Cursor-paginated Endpoints in Elixir Blog post

How to Deploy Your Elixir/Phoenix Application to Production Blog post

Ecto Embeds Have IDs by Default Blog post

Inline LiveView Syntax Highlighting for Emacs Blog post

How to Utilize Enum.any?, with a Refactoring Twist! Blog post

How to Create a web Server Using Cowboy Without Plug or Phoenix - Part 01 Blog post

Learnings from my Very First Phoenix LiveView app — Clips of Logic — T.S. Lim Blog post

Quickstart Guide for a new Phoenix Project Blog post

The Case for Multiple Anonymous Function Bodies Blog post

Learn Elixir and Phoenix: Add Tailwind CSS to the Project Blog post

Docker Images a la Carte with Elixir and RabbitMQ Blog post

More than one Thing at a Time Blog post

Uncomfortable Question 001 Blog post

Trying To Speed Up Compilation With Absinthe Blog post

Imanhodjaev/dust Project update

Prodis/correios-cep-elixir Project update

meltwater/gen_rmq Project update

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