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This week in Elixir

How to use Elixir LS with Vim
Mitchell updated his article “How to use ElixirLS with Vim” to reflect the recent updates to ElixirLS and ALE.

5 Top Tier Companies that use Elixir
What connects Pepsi, Spotify, and Discord? They all use Elixir!

Best Practices for Background Jobs in Elixir
Learn how to avoid some common mistakes while working with background jobs in Elixir.

Organizing LiveView Logic with Presentation Models
Don't make the same mistakes Steven made with GenServers when working with Phoenix LiveView. To help, he wrote this post about extracting a functional core from a LiveView.

Introducing Lean Server for Midas
Interesting post about why one would built "yet another webserver" as well as the goals of building the new server in Gleam.

Even more from around the Elixir community

Dave Thomas on Learning How Things Work Podcast

Simple Phoenix LiveView App: The Podcast Listing Page Video

Simple Phoenix LiveView App: Markdown Show Notes Video

Phoenix LiveView and PubSub Video

Connecting Ecto to a Legacy Database in a Script Blog post

Implementing a Custom ExUnit Assert to Test PDF Output Blog post

How I Added Pagination Using live_patch for my LiveView Site Using Dissolver Blog post

The Beauty of Recursion and Pattern Matching in Functional Programming Languages Blog post

Decomposing Domain Models Based on Lifecycles Blog post

Should you use Database Transactions for Data Consistency? Blog post

Step by Step Guide to Improving Cohesion in Elixir Blog post

Why Shouldn't you use Elixir Code in Database Migrations? Blog post

wanderanimrod/elixir_mock Project update

Domo Project update

Qqwy/elixir-blocked Project update

Correios CEP 0.6.0 Released Project update

Incident Project update

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