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This week in Elixir

How to Download Files from Google Drive Using Elixir
The documentation around downloading a file from a Google Drive account is a bit spread out, so Pedro figured it out for all of us.

Telemetry Conventions
Chris wrote up his thoughts on how library authors can use telemetry more effectively.

Deploying a Phoenix App With Dokku
This tutorial will walk you through deploying an Elixir + Phoenix + Ecto app using Dokku.

The State of Elixir HTTP Clients
Take a deep dive into Elixir HTTP client libraries — Mint and Finch.

Generated Types II — Down the Rabbit Hole
This post is unveiling the thorny path to Tyyppi — the library bringing erland types to the Elixir runtime as first class citizens.

Even more from around the Elixir community

Programmer Passport: Phoenix LiveView - Bonus Video - phx.gen.auth Video

ElixirWizards: Lau Taarnskov on the Trouble with Time Zones Podcast

ThinkingElixir: Elixir at FontAwesome with Rob Madole Podcast

Elixir Outlaws: Strategically Planned Coffees Podcast

Lonestar Elixir Speaker: Todd Resudek - Why Your Next Hardware Project Should be Built With Nerves Video

Lonestar Elixir 2020 Talks: Live and Uncut from the AlamoDrafthouse: The Wizards and Elixir Outlaws Video

How I add Auth to Phoenix LiveView Apps Video

Simple Phoenix LiveView App: Planning Comments Video

Plug.Router Video

Simple Phoenix LiveView App: Upgrade LiveView to v0.12.1 Video

Showing Comment Counts on the Index Page Video

Stream Crypto Trade Events Using PubSub in Elixir Video

Deploy a Phoenix Application on GCP Compute Engine Blog post

Headless CMS fun with Phoenix LiveView and Airtable (pt. 4) Blog post

A Real World use Case with Elixir Recursion Blog post

Elixir/Phoenix Deployments Using Github Actions Blog post

A Real World use Case with Elixir Recursion Blog post

Elixir/Phoenix Deployments Using Github Actions Blog post

How to Setup CI with Phoenix & Github Actions Blog post

Definject/definject Project update

Keathley/vapor Project update

Tyyppi → bringing Erlang Typespecs to Runtime Project update

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