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This week in Elixir

Communicating Between LiveViews on the Same Page
This post by Henrik describes having multiple LiveViews on the same page communicate with one another.

Static Typing and BEAM Languages
Check out this excerpt from the upcoming Book Club episode with Saša Jurić and Erik Schön.

Building Backdoor: web Console for Elixir & Phoenix Applications
Hubert started some live-coding on a new project!

OTP as the Core of Your Application - Part 2
Get in depth info on GenServers, Registry and DynamicSupervisors and learn how to make Actor Model based systems that are insanely performant.

Elixir Diff
Inspired by PhoenixDiff, Elixir Diff helps you compare projects generated using mix new, mix phx.new, etc. You can also compare various CLI flags.

Even more from around the Elixir community

ElixirWizards: Johanna Larsson on Hex Diff, Domain Driven Design and More Podcast

Thinking Elixir: Background Jobs with Miguel Palhaus Podcast

GameDev: Building a Multiplayer Game with Godot and Elixir Video

Deploying Plug to Heroku Video

Virtual BEAM Meetup - Clojerl on the BEAM! Video

Lonestar Elixir 2020 Talks: Jeff Grunewald: Brook: Distributed Event-based Orchestration in Elixir Video

Using MJML in Elixir & Phoenix Blog post

Wolf, Goat, Cabbage… and Elixir Blog post

Using MJML in Elixir & Phoenix Blog post

Building the Brex Accounting API Blog post

How to use Google Maps with Phoenix LiveView Blog post

Leveraging Exceptions to Handle Errors in Elixir Blog post

Setting up `.iex.exs` to Speed up Your Elixir Debugging (and How to Include It in a Docker Image) Blog post

KronicDeth/intellij-elixir Project update

Nerves Raspberry Pi Systems v2.0.0 Release Candidates Project update

Prodis/correios-cep-elixir Project update

pawurb/ecto_psql_extras Project update

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