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This week in Elixir

Membrane, Phoenix, Nerves
Binary Noggin released a new post about using Membrane, Phoenix, and Nerves to build a streaming video service.

Announcing Alchemy Conf
Come 15 May 2021, Alchemy Conf, a new Elixir conference, will be taking place in Braga, Portugal. CFPs will be opening soon. Read all about it!

Dictator 1.0: A new Perspective
Dictator is a tiny authorisation library that allows you to easily control what your users see.

ElixirConf US 2020
Several Codegram folks attended ElixirConf a couple of weeks ago. Here's their notes on the event and the talks they liked the most!

Elixir Macros Return AST
One of the basics in understanding Elixir macros is the fact that Elixir macros return AST.

Even more from around the Elixir community

Elixir Wizards: Johnny Winn on Kitchen Secrets and Beautiful Coding Podcast

Thinking Elixir: Video Chat Using LiveView with Jesse Herrick Podcast

Elixir Berlin Meetup September Video

Oban Monitoring with Plugins Blog post

Understanding Elixir's Strange Module Names Blog post

Using Ansible to Deploy Elixir Applications on Dokku Blog post

Elixir Plug and JWT Blog post

The Curious Case of String.slice/3 Blog post

URL Shorten-er with Elixir and Phoenix Blog post

Quick Compile Build for Elixir in VSCode Blog post

Geo Encoding a Location Part 1 Blog post

How To Delete Many-To-Many Relation In Elixir Ecto — Tentamen Software Testing Blog Blog post

From PHP to Elixir |> Beginning Blog post

Creating a Global Database of Musicians on PostgreSQL, Using Discogs’ XML Data and Elixir Blog post

Simple Elixir State Machine for Validation Blog post

What Is Elixir Lambda And When To Use Them Blog post

OpenTelemetryDecorator: add OpenTelemetry Traces with one Line of Code Project update

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