Issue #22: New Router features in Plug 1.3 and Training Elixir Processes To Learn Like Neurons

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This week in Elixir

Vessel: Elixir MapReduce with Hadoop integration
Zack wrote a small library which makes it straightforward to use Hadoop Streaming from inside Elixir. It also provides interfaces to use MapReduce.

New Router features in Plug 1.3
Plug v1.3.0 has just been released, and the Router has a great new feature.

Training Elixir Processes To Learn Like Neurons
Quentin shows us a working example of how an Elixir Agent can learn to solve a simple classification problem on its own via Machine Learning.

Phoenix GraphQL Tutorial: Add CRUD Using Mutations
This is Ryan's second post in a series on building a GraphQL API in Phoenix with Absinthe.

Elixir, Ruby, don’t fight. Talk… with Erlix
Another attempt to connect Elixir and Ruby together… This time with erlix. Ruby acting as an Erlang node!

Coherence and ExAdmin - Devise and ActiveAdmin for Phoenix
If you’re a Rails developer looking for a Devise and ActiveAdmin for Phoenix, this post might help you get started in the Elixir eco-system!

Even more from around the Elixir community

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Up, Down, Up with Ecto Migrations Blog post

How I test Erlang Blog post

Where would we be without Ecto upgrades Blog post

10 Things I learned about Elixir while building my first Phoenix app Blog post

Phoenix GraphQL Tutorial with Absinthe: Authentication with Guardian Blog post

On Elixir's Deprecation of Barewords Blog post

Chat web-app using Phoenix and Vue.js - Part 2 Blog post

Elixir: Your package should survive in production! Blog post

Building and Deploying your first Phoenix Application Blog post

RabbitMQ + Elixir + Ease = Conejo Blog post

Automatically reloading tests on Ubuntu Blog post

Easy Manual/Async Asking in GenStage Blog post

Elixir Test Pattern Blog post

IntelliJ Elixir v4.7.0 Project update

Released: benchee 0.6.0, benchee_csv 0.5.0, benchee_json and benchee_html – HTML reports and nice graphs! Project update

hedwig_simple_responders - A collection of Hedwig chat bot responders based off of hubot-scripts Project update

Tiny: a small and fast JSON library in Elixir Project update

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