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This week in Elixir

Migrating to Elixir with the Strangler Pattern
It’s fair to say that a good amount of folks - if not the majority of them - using Elixir in production today are doing so after migrating an application to Elixir. Devon wrote about this experience.

PaaS with Elixir at Heroku
José wrote about why Heroku and Elixir are a match made in heaven.

Blazing with Phoenix: Project Structure
An article about how to layer your Phoenix project with a structure convention focused on developer productivity:

RestClient: A Phoenix LiveView Experiment
Matt open sourced a REST API client demo using Phoenix LiveView.

Live Streaming with LiveView and Mux
Mike from DockYard shows us how we can deliver on the promise of live-streamed video with minimal development effort (and LiveView).

Even more from around the Elixir community

Thinking Elixir: Inside Elixir Radar with Hugo Baraúna Podcast

Using Phx.Gen.Auth with Swoosh Video

Impromptu Elixir Live Coding: Pattern Matching with Lists Video

KEYNOTE: Using the Beam to Fight COVID-19 - Bryan Hunter | Code BEAM V Video

GOTO 2020 • Reaping the Benefits of Elixir: How to Get Started • Saša Jurić & Erik Schön Video

ElixirConf 2020 - Juliana Helena - How Elixir Made me a Better Java Programmer Video

ElixirConf 2020 - German Velasco - Testing LiveView Video

How was This Website Built? Blog post

A Brief Guide to OTP in Elixir Blog post

Phx.Gen.Auth Usage and Customization Blog post

Part 2: Ticket Workflow & CI Integration Blog post

Things Elixir's Phoenix Framework Does Right Blog post

Collectable: Custom Data Structures in Elixir, Part 2 Blog post

Phoenix: Plug.Conn Cheatsheet Blog post

Building Backdoor: web Console for Elixir & Phoenix Applications - Part #4 Blog post

Hassle Free Testing Elixir Modules in iEx Shell Blog post

Building a Elixir & Phoenix Application Blog post

Elixir Wizards Podcast Listener Survey Results Blog post

Leandrocp/err Project update

KronicDeth/intellij-elixir Project update

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