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This week in Elixir

Performance of Elixir's System.get_env/0 Function
In this blog post Trevor shows how System.get_env/0 caused performance issues for the application he was debugging, and he proposes an alternative implementation of the function.

Elixir v1.11 released
See the release announcement for full details around application boundaries, data constructors and runtime configuration.

Elixir 1.11 and Erlang Docs
Want to get Erlang docs working your Elixir IEx session? Check out this quick guide to get it working for you.

How to use Chart.JS in Phoenix
Data looks more beautiful in Charts and Graphical Representations, so let's add them to our Phoenix apps.

Miss Elixir
The Miss library provides some oftentimes needed functions that are not part of the Elixir standard library.

Even more from around the Elixir community

Plausible: A Self-hosted and Privacy-friendly Google Analytics Alternative Misc

The Changelog: Experimenting with Elixir Radar Featuring Hugo Baraúna Podcast

Elixir Wizards: Devon Estes on how Architecture Is a Myth and One-file Design Podcast

Thinking Elixir: Gleam, Games and Types with Quinn Wilton Podcast

Elixir Outlaws: That's not Math Podcast

Elixir Outlaws: The Seven Levels of Shell Podcast

Step by Step TDD Guide for Phoenix Generators #3 Video

ElixirConf 2020 - Leandro Pereira - Contributing to Elixir and the Ecosystem: how to be in the Loop Video

Stop VS Code ElixirLS Warnings Video

Parse XML with SweetXML Video

Stupid Solutions: Live Server Push Without JS Blog post

Confusing Elixir Errors Blog post

How to Fix PostgreSQL Performance Issues with PG Extras Blog post

Adding Global View Helpers to a Phoenix Application Blog post

Elixir/Phoenix Project: Establish Hosting Service Blog post

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