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This week in Elixir

Automatic and Manual Ecto Migrations
Should you have both schema and data migrations? Should you run migrations automatically or manually? Wojtek shows us how to mix and match approaches and get the best from each scenario.

Real Time Communication at Scale with Elixir at Discord
It is mindblowing how Discord handles so many users with Elixir and such a small team! They're also my goto-answer to the question: "Does anybody use Elixir?"

Capabilities of Elixir's Logger
This post demonstrates how logs work in Elixir, jumping into Elixir’s Logger module, which brings a lot of power to logging features. It also smoothly integrates with Erlang’s :logger to convert code to Elixir syntax.

Lumen: Update up to 2020-10-13
Did you know they post regular updates about the progress of the Lumen compiler (which will basically enable Elixir in the browser)?

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