Issue #23: Many to many upserts, Measuring Temperature on a Raspberry Pi and Connecting to a remote Elixir node deployed with Distillery

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How Discord handles push request bursts with Elixir’s GenStage
Easily the most compelling piece of the week. To handle Discord's growth, its engineering team had to figure out how to scale the backend services. Spoiler: Elixir gets a mention or two.

Many to many and upserts
This is an excerpt of Plataformatec's ebook “What’s new in Ecto 2.0 (beta version)” in which José Valim presents `Ecto.Changeset.put_assoc/4` in contrast to `cast_assoc/3`.

Elixir foundations for Ruby Devs: Transforming Data
In an unexpected soft-dring analogy Tomasz compares writing Elixir with a Ruby mindset to drinking water, just to realize that it is actually Sprite.

Connecting Ruby and Elixir with Erlectricity
Communicate between Ruby and Elixir using Erlang Ports and Erlectricity.

Project ExCelsius: Measuring Temperature on a Raspberry Pi
A Nerves powered Raspberry Pi reads temperature from a DS18B20 sensor via the 1-wire protocol. Very nice read!

Connect to a remote Elixir node deployed with Distillery
When building Elixir apps with Distillery you don’t install Elixir on the server as Distillery bundles everything it needs. But what if you want to have a peek inside using Observer?

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